Personalised Digital solutions for Local businesses

EIS is the digital marketing partner for over 600+ companies in UAE. We build brands, execute digital marketing campaigns and implement digital solutions to small, medium and large businesses.

EIS  Digital Solutions
EIS Who we are

Who we are

Etisalat Information Services is committed to facilitating the growth curve of our clients through viable digital marketing solutions and products. The company aggregates, filters, organize and presents local business information in two products and offer value added marketing services to SME’s in the region.

Our experience spanning over a commendable period of ten years gives us a competitive edge in the market. We have with us a diligent team of experienced professionals who have been professionally nurtured by Etisalat services holding, our parent organization. The advantage of Etisalat’s vast experience and know-how, and flexible payment solutions, bespoke packages suited to their specific economic budgets, ensure that we stay ahead in the competition.

What We Offer

eIS business model is simple and straight forward, we enable buyers meet sellers with products and services we offer. For more than a decade, eIS offering value based Digital marketing services & list your companies in two business directories (Connect.ae & Yellowpages.ae) that are fast- paced, reliable and strategic. Using the latest technologies and armed with the best personnel in the field, eIS is also the leading messaging service provider in UAE. We take pride in acknowledging the fact that Mid-Size businesses tend to be our core customer base, across all sectors including but not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Digital Commerce
EIS  What we offer

EIS  Vision & Mission

Vision :

Connecting buyers and sellers through Digital products and marketing services

Mission :

To provide reliable, up-to-date, innovative products and marketing services across all digital channels in the UAE and beyond.

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