Ingenious Ways To Improve E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

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E-mail marketing builds trust in the consumers and will help the most in building relationships and gives the businesses a chance to interact with their clients directly at the convenient timing. There are some best ways to track and measure success of any business through the Email marketing. Following the right email metrics can help us understand which tactics work best for the business and which strategies are not working to unfollow them and get a hang of new ones. Basically, we have four most important email metrics to plan your email marketing strategy. These will help us to create inspiring email campaigns and deliver stronger leads to the sales team. Let us have a look at the metrics that are the foundation to interpret the mails:
Open Rate:
The open rate depicts the percentage of recipients who open the emails. By tracking this rate, we can know the engagement rate of the subscriber base with the email marketing techniques.
How to Increase the Open Rate:
The perfect subject line is the most important factor affecting the open rate.  If the open rate is low, we have to work on improvising it. The subject line has to be compelling, attention-grabbing, clear, concise and to the point. Testing to know which subject lines work for the target audience has to be our priority. If the open rates are between 15 percent and 25 percent, then it’s good to go.
Click-Through Rate:
The click-through rate is the percentage of subscribers who click on the links within the email sent. This rate will give an idea of to know your subscribers to come up with further strategies.
How to Increase the Click-Through Rate:
Compelling and engaging content has to be created to inspire the audience. The anchor text should be precise and to catch their attention, highlighting and emboldening the text will help. If these tactics are not working out, we have to re-examine the offers so that they provide the maximum value for the audience.
Un-subscription Rate:
The unsubscribe rate is the percentage of the mail recipients who have unsubscribed from the emails being sent. Tracking this will allow us to know the relevancy of the email marketing and whether it is engaging the audience.
How to Reduce the Unsubscribe Rate:
This is a good indicator of how interested the subscribers are for the content in the mails. If the unsubscribe rate is high, we need to revamp and investigate how to increase the reader’s attention by creating relevant emails regarding the context. If the content is fine, maybe we are sending out too many emails. A good way to know the true reason why the subscribers are leaving is to have a short survey where people can fill the reasons when they unsubscribe. Their answers can provide us a solution.
Conversion Rate:
This rate gives the percentage of people who went through the email and performed a certain action like filling up a form. This is a crucial metric as it measures the efficiency of us at convincing subscribers to take up the task that we ultimately wanted.
How to Improve the Conversion Rate:
To improve the conversion rate, we first need to ensure that the subscribers click on the offers that we wanted them to. The second factor that influences the conversion rate is the design and content of the landing page in the mails. For example, if we want them to fill a form, it should be quick and easy to fill and should contain as few required fields as possible as less is more. The landing page should be visually appealing and should capture the attention of the audience and should keep them binded.
Importance of Right Metrics to help the Sales Team:
Email metrics help in creating streamlined sales process. Proper understanding and interpreting the email metrics will help the sales team in obtaining qualified and interested leads. By providing the team with a list of people who completed certain actions that we ultimately aimed for will help them decide upon the invested leads to call as a perfect Email list. The sales team should know who opened the email, who clicked through the offers and who completed the tasks like filling the forms.
Sure shot tips to improvise the Email campaigning:
Preference strategy- We have to ask, observe, and group the preferences. We have to use the preference page to ask the consumers about their preferences and we have to ask them their social media outlets.
Synchronize and correct the data- We have multiple sources of consumer data. The data should be updated, and easily accessible.
Check the communication triggers- Some brands have automated campaigns that are triggered by consumer actions. If we have not set up automated campaigns, we have to do it for some events.
Are we making it into the inbox- Rather than deliverability, being authenticated is important.
Are the mails optimized for mobile- “Scrunching” the laptop message into a smartphone is not optimization. Responsive designs have to be created for mobiles.
Tracking the reports- In addition to looking at the campaign’s performance, we should also track the consumer interaction with the messages over a period of time.
Integrate social media- First; we have to put up preference page to sign up the email on social media sites. Second, we have to use popular social content within the email campaigns. Third, we have to post email campaigns on the social media sites.
Grow the engagement- Brands need to check the email list size on a regular basis like the three metrics – net growth of email list, net growth of email IDs to the direct mail file, and a steady increase in clicks
Creating compelling content- At the end of the day, a consumer will pay attention to the campaigns if they are interesting. It should be digestible, informative, visually appealing, balance in the information and promotions and intriguing. Designing an effective Email Signup box and creatives will show a positive impact.
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