Innovative Practices To Retrieve Surging Websites And Their Traffic

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It is a normal phenomenon for the websites to have fluctuating traffic levels. Each site will have some parameters and the traffic ranges between the threshold levels. If there is a sudden drop in the traffic significantly, it is always advisable to avoid implementing some changes in a hurry. We need not re-do any of the recent work as well. A thorough check is necessary to know the exact reasons before we take any actions as it may cause further damage because there is a margin for errors during the panic work mode.
When the websites are newly launched crisp and fresh, they receive a sudden splurge of engagement levels and customer responses. If the usability, content, or any other factors disappoint the audience, the traffic drops off the charts of expectations. The first campaigns usually receive a tremendous response because it's new and the people want to see what it is all about. But when they realize it lacks meaning or not worth their time, they quickly move on to the other similar sites. There are four main aspects to be considered while developing and maintaining a website- execution, communication, strategy and technology. 
Generation of ideas and their implementation should be attributed for the success of any campaign. Campaigns require proper attention and monitoring.  Analysis of the numbers, the feedback, monitoring the comment rate and focus on collaborations must be taken up with proper interest and require scrutinization. Lack of resources for generating good ideas and concepts is a serious constraint and it is high time to look out for innovation teams who can help to implement ideas in a planned manner. Engaging traffic campaigns are divided into local, tactical, global, and strategic. They have to be designed and released based on the diversity and needs of the target audience. The evaluation team has to be supported based nature of the ideas, plans, and steps at each stage accordingly.
Handling different channels, levels, and groups of people matters the most. Building a sense of belief and understanding your audience and their preferences is the key to success. In any trim and proper site, context needs to be on point, and communicating the changes and details of the re-structuring will help in improving the numbers. We need to tailor the communications differently based on the orientation of the audience.
Proper alignment is linked directly to the targets of the company.  To build trust with the audience and in the market, we have to start focusing on operational challenges. The targets we set need to be clear and transparent. Aligning the whole team with the targets, providing constant communications to them will help us hit the goal.  If there is no sponsorship, it is very tough to provide credibility to the audience in most of the cases. Running strategic game-changing campaigns where there is no backing in place for implementation of the most relevant strategies is a very bad idea for the growth of websites.
Single sign-ons are opted by most of the users because they dislike having number of passwords to remember. Short URLs, QR codes for specific campaigns on promotional materials, and easy accessibility are key points to be noted while constructing the site itself. Conducting a usability test to see how easy it is for people to access the site for the first time is highly recommended. Tips like turning off unnecessary features, keeping the configurable options to a minimum, having a consistent branding and layout contributes a lot for the increase in traffic. The customers need the right tools to fully support them and to avoid wasting their time. No mobile or terminal access is a major complaint from even huge corporate clients. The sites should be mobile friendly and the user must be comfortable with minute turnaround time.
We shall now have a look on the tried and tested ways as to how to save a failing or popularity- diminishing website and the traffic:

 * According to Google, poor website loading speeds can lower the rankings. Along with the home page, the loading speed of other pages also has to be checked regularly as the e-commerce sites may get slow when loading multiple products. Sites can also be affected by algorithm updates from Google.

 * A drop in traffic due to the category or product pages can be SEO issues. The homepage, category pages, blog posts, and product pages should be checked to know where the fault lies to keep up the traffic metrics. Specific targeted idea campaigns might not generate overall views in a few of the inner pages. 

 * Expanding the answer and making it long enough to override the answer box will make people visit the websites if both the content and keywords are ranking well to avoid people getting their work done through the answer boxes.

 * Revising the content and the keywords will help when the competitors are offering the same value in terms of products or content than your own site stealing the spot in the top rankings.

 * If the content of the site is linked to a malicious site, Google will place the site under the black-hat SEO practices websites that will bring down the rankings. It is always advisable to disown the links.

 * Updating the content, republishing, and re-sharing it through the social media platforms offers more value in avoiding the backlinks.

 * Another possibility is that the paid search results traffic is cutting into the organic traffic. Investing in paid traffic should not reduce the organic traffic and it should boost the overall traffic. If this doesn’t work, it is the time to revamp the paid strategies.

 * Paid campaigns and traffic sometimes reduces the original organic traffic.  If there is a strong presence through the paid keywords, there’s no benefit of paid ads there. We can pause the ads to see if the traffic resumes at the set benchmark. If there is a reduction, the appropriate action is to be taken.

 * We can check for notifications on Google Search Console to see if the site has a manual penalty. This also causes an immediate drop in traffic.