Hyper local search engine

it collects, filters, classifies and presents local business information to the market. A smart shortcut to what you need, no matter where you are located.

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lolol is the new age hyper local search engine platform which has more than 300,000 + UAE business listed in more than 1000+ categories. Our aim is to connect consumers to small and medium businesses through company description of products & services, location, booking/reservation, and Offering deals, tracking exposures like no other. It has advertising option for every small, medium & enterprise businesses and it can turn online and mobile searches into business leads with a cost-effective solution. In short, we help local communities thrive.

Within 3 years after official launch in the market, has evolved to become strongest organic search result presence in Google, Bing & Yahoo for many B2C oriented keywords. With user base of 100,000 + visiting the site on a monthly basis to find Business information, grab deals and place bookings through platform aggregation function.

It’s not an unknown fact that more than 90% population relies on Internet these days. A major chunk of internet users, say around 60%, use it for knowing about Products and Services. Many people search for companies and services directly on With a paid subscription with us, your company ends up higher in the list when users search for things that you offer.

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