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Digital marketing is the enchantress of today’s marketing world. The service has removed all the geographic, cultural and demographic barriers allowing you to serve your clientele across the borders.

EIS Digital Marketing
EIS Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

As one of the leading digital marketing agency in UAE, eIS creates a unique social media marketing strategy tailored for our customers. Such approach helps you to run effective Social Media Campaigns that boost lead generation and your profits.

Our marketing experts prepares and follows a campaign calendar specifically made for each clients that details events, posts, videos, boosting the posts, making sure posts are getting enough reach etc. We also write content, work on the creative design to convey the marketing message and translate it to Arabic for the reaching specific audience.

Google Adwords/Google Display Networks

Google Adwords/PPC/GDN advertising is one of the most widely used digital marketing channels by companies in the region for quick and effective results of marketing campaign. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop relevant keyword strategy and make sure your campaigns are successful with in the given budget. Talk to us and start generating leads for your business.

EIS Google Adwords Services

EIS Display Advertising Services

Display Advertising

Get your marketing message across and bring right people to your website or landing pages. For any Digital marketing Campaign to be successful Display Advertising is the order of the day. With proper planning & execution, display ads can reach more people online by graphic advertising on websites, apps or social media through powerful and effective videos, banners or animated images.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about using sophisticated technology software applications and tools that allow companies to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their Marketing activities. eIS helps businesses install such contemporary marketing solutions to enhance the productivity of businesses. Once you subscribe to our services we shall team up with you for better lead generation and show you the pragmatics of retaining them.

EIS Marketing Automation

EIS  Content Marketing

Creative & Content Marketing

eIS has a diligent and experienced team of Content writers who bring in the most effective verbal patterns (SEO Optimized) to enhance your business processes and procedures. At EIS we take considerate measures to tell the best and the most effective business matters in least possible timeframe. All our Content is Search Engine Optimized to enable potential traffic generation. We design content that is both organic and scientific to strike a beneficial chord with them and their business.

Lead Generation Campign

One of the priority services EIS offers is organizing Lead generation campaigns for augmenting your business. In simpler words we strive to generate leads for you using our knowledge and expertise. eIS has been in the market for than a decade now serving 1000’s of customers with effective lead generation campaigns. Does your business need a regular flow of qualified sales leads? If so, we can help.

EIS Lead Generation